Alleppey, Kerala

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Alappuzha, the beautiful destination of Kerala is historical importance too. Alappuzha is otherwise called the ‘Venice of East’.

Alappuzha, the beautiful destination of Kerala is historical importance too. Alappuzha is otherwise called the ‘Venice of East’.

Alappuzha (Alleppey) is known as ‘the Venice of the East’. Offering the best tourist places in Alleppey, this charming places is the hub of Kerala’s backwaters and is home to a huge network of backwaters and more than thousand houseboats. The houseboats you find in the backwaters of Alappuzha are in actuality an improved form of the Kettuvallams of the olden time. Kettuvallam is a Malayalam word, ‘Kettu’, means living structures and ‘Vallom’ means boat. In the olden days, Kettuvallam or boat with a thatched roof that covers over wooden hulls was used to carry tons of rice and spices.

India’s Own Venice, Alleppey the place where there are backwaters in Kerala is a popular tourist place in South India. It is blissful throughout the year however it’s amazing in summer. Surrounded by waters in a unique ecology, enjoy a relaxing vacation. Appreciate cruising on the backwaters on a houseboat. Spend time being spoiled with Ayurvedic therapies and treatments. Enjoy the mouthwatering food. Go bird watching, paying a visit to hamlets on the backwater or exploring the unbelievable architectural marvels by the backwaters. Heal your weary spirits in the blessed environs of Alleppey.

So prepare to wander around this small but chaotic city center and bus-stand area, with its modest grid of channels. Head west to the beach or in part some other way towards the backwaters and Alleppey becomes elegant and greenery-fringed, waning into a watery world of hamlets, punted canons, toddy shops and, obviously, houseboats. float along and gaze over paddy fields of succulent green, curvaceous rice barges and village life along the banks. Indeed, it is here that nature has spent upon the land her richest bounties. Come and explore the best tourist places in Alleppey.

Popular Tourist Attractions:-

  • Marari Beach
  • Revi Karunakaran Museum
  • Punnamada Lake
  • Pathiramanal
  • Sri Krishna Temple in Ambalappuzha
  • Alappuzha Beach
  • Krishnapuram Palace
  • Kumarakom bird sanctuary

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  • Alappuzha is on the NH 47 highway and is connected to all important towns in south India by public state transport buses.
  • Alappuzha has recently been connected to Kochi by rail. Some trains link Alappuzha to cities like Chennai and Bokaro. The Alappuzha Railway Station is 5 km from the central bus stand and the boat jetty.
  • Kochi Airport, which is 53 km away from the city.

Alappuzha, the beautiful destination of Kerala is historical importance too. Alappuzha is otherwise called the ‘Venice of East’. The story behind the origin of this name is very interesting. During the British Era, Lord Curzon went by Alappuzha (Alleppey) and seeing the beauty of this place, he addressed to Alappuzha as ‘Venice of the East’. Kuttanad, the ‘rice-bowl’ of Kerala was known from the Sangam periods itself. It is said that the early, ‘Cheras’ were known as ‘Kuttuvans’, as they had their home at ‘Kuttanad’. In the literary work, ‘Unnineeli Sandhesham’, you can see the ancient Alappuzha. Other than this stone inscription and historical monuments in temples, churches etc give some evidence about the history of Alappuzha.

Raja Kesavadasan, the Dewan of Travancore, established the town in 1762. There was only one canal through the strip of sand between the backwaters and the sea. This soon grew into a bustling waterway, with shops, factories and commercial establishment upon either bank of the canal. This attracted merchants from different parts of the country. By the mid-nineteenth Century, the sea had retreated a mile, offering more land along the sand strip. Trading vessels soon started to approach Alappuzha. In 1859 the first organized coir factory was begun here and started delivering matting from coir yarn on a loom developed by an English sea captain. Sooner other British-owned weaving establishment followed. Then, in 1816, the Church Missionary Society set up its local headquarters in Alleppey and after three years the first Anglican Church was built. In 1851 Alleppey had the honor of housing the first post office in the recent Travancore State.

The commercial importance of Alappuzha started to decline after the late 1920s with the development of Cochin into a major port. However, today Alappuzha is still a major center for trade coir, copra, and coconut oil. Thanks to its long coast, Alappuzha is also a center for fishing and marine products processing activities.